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You awake to the sound of dripping. Your body feels unstable, almost... melting. When you open your eyes, you see for a moment that your body is an incomprehensible mass of ink and paint. But as soon as you notice it, the sensation stops and you revert back to normal, solid and just as you were before this strange incident happened. Confusion doesn’t stop there, when you look up you realize that this clearly isn’t your home. Or your world.

Welcome to Ink City, a mish-mash of realities and worlds compressed into one big playground of possibilities. The buildings here are all different, not just in color and architecture- but in style. And the people are the same way. Everything here is unique and forced to intermingle; but despite the vast differences, it all balances out.

You notice a strange communication device laying on the ground nearby. Turn it on, and you’ll get to know the others who’ve stumbled out of the inkwell like yourself and become trapped in the city. Form communities, have adventures, make friends... or you can try and find your way home, past the omnipresent mountain barrier called “The 4th Wall”. Variety is the norm in this town, it’s up to you to find your place.

This is a Wiki dedicated to chronicling the stories, characters, players, locations, events and more throughout the City.

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